The Test and follow up

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The test has been refined to cover as many areas as possible and takes into account that it is FAR MORE BENEFICIAL to determine WHY the body is reacting before testing for foods and allergens.

Test Format

Firstly, a detailed medical history is taken - history of operations, procedures undergone, medications and supplements used, sleeping patterns, type of work, stress, diet, how long the symptoms have been present and family history of allergies as appropriate.

Secondly, the test proper is conducted to establish

For the following four to six weeks the offending foods should be avoided and the recommended remedies and supplements taken.
The above procedure normally takes about one and three quarter hours.

Follow-up Test

The follow-up test usually takes one to one and a half hours and considers


First test €90, second test €70.

PLEASE NOTE: The test is not intended as an alternative to a medical examination but rather as a complementary aid to health and wellbeing. It is important that any symptoms of concern be checked by a medical practitioner before consultation.

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